About Us / Team

Youthful creativity and originality meets award-winning experience.  The use of cutting edge filmmaking techniques, inventive animation and graphic design, intimate character development and detailed audio design are coupled with years of multifaceted mountain experience and savvy. Our films have been heralded as the best of their kind and have toured the globe with worldwide accolade winning numerous awards.

Eric Crosland


Eric Crosland, Director of Sherpas Cinema, was born in Calgary Alberta. Growing up, the Rocky Mountains proved to have left an imprint of nature on Eric's life that has manifested itself in his films.

Eric graduated from Capilano college in 2004 with a advanced degree in motion picture production. Over his career in the film industry he has created over 162 episodes of television, 10 feature length films and 2 broadcast commercials. Eric now truly enjoys working in the collective of artists at Sherpas Cinema. He currently live with his wife and two children in Nelson, BC.

Dave Mossop


David Mossop, Director of Sherpas Cinema, was born in Edmonton Alberta. He gained a love of photography at an early age from Swiss pianist, mountaineer, and photographer Boris Roubakine. His parents Grant and Ruth Mossop were both professional musicians and helped nurture his understanding of great art. Grant, also the director of the Geological Survey of Canada, helped foster a profound appreciation of nature, and mountains in particular.

David graduated from University of Victoria with distinction in Anthropology and Film Studies in 2004, where film professor Brian Hendricks had set the groundwork for David's artistic filmmaking approach. Since then David has directed and DP'd films of all kind including a 5D hi-resolution virtual-flight simulation called "FlyOver Canada", music videos, commercials and feature length films. He currently resides in Whistler BC.

Malcolm Sangster


Malcolm Sangster, Producer at Sherpas Cinema, was born in Calgary, Alberta. With an upbringing deeply rooted in the mountains, Malcolm quickly found a life long passion for the outdoors, skiing and climbing. Many of the early days being spent as a fledgling Sherpa with high school friends Mossop and Crosland.

Graduating from the University of Victoria with a BSc in Biology, Malcolm soon after added a Diploma of Business and Marketing and began researching small business opportunities in the outdoor industry. As a dream became reality, Malcolm, with Mossop and Crosland, worked to orchestrate the incorporation of Rocky Mountain Sherpas Inc in 2007, and is proud to now work alongside a strong and talented team of over 10 full time staff at Sherpas Cinema.

JP Auclair

In Loving Memory

When JP Auclair’s urban segment from Sherpas Cinemas’ 2011 film “All.I.Can” hit cyberspace, it garnered 124,000 views its first day live. JP was a pioneer of freeskiing and a true hero of the sport. He was one of the first to popularize grabbing, he won the first US Open, and he helped create the Salomon Teneighty. Auclair founded Armada skis in 2002 and Alpine Initiatives in 2008.

In October 2014 we lost JP to an avalanche in Patagonia. He was a father, a fiancé, a son, a brother, a godfather, a friend, and genuinely magnificent human. He will forever be with us in spirit.

Leo Hoorn

Cinematographer | Editor

Leo Hoorn, Cinematographer and Editor at Sherpas Cinema, was born in Smithers British Columbia. Growing up, his skate background led him to snowboarding and filmmaking followed soon after. He’s got a world class shooting eye and the backcountry skills to follow the athletes we work with.

Leo joined the Sherpas in late 2010, swooping in to save the day during the editing of All.I.Can, and he’s been an invaluable team member ever since. He’s equally at home in the Alaska Range and the editing suite. His ability to carry massive loads and MacGyver innovative camera setups with only a heli strap is legendary. Leo currently resides in Whistler, BC.

Tim Symes

Post Production Supervisor

This super talented chap from the land of afternoon tea and old money joined Sherpas Cinema in 2014 to shoulder the enormous responsibility of running our post-production department. With a BA in Broadcasting and several years of editing content in the advertising industry i London, Tim Symes brings true professionalism to the edit bay and a royal spirit to the office.

Jeremy Kenning

VFX Supervisor

Discovered as a child washed up on the banks of the Columbia River - wearing only a Wolf Pelt and an ancient silver locket. Inside the locket read an inscription that simply said "Heart of the Kootenays" and had a native style image of an Elk Heart carved into the worn silver. Recently moved home to the Kootenays from Vancouver

Jeremy has a double Dip'er: Diploma in Media Production 2003, Diploma 3D animation and Visual Effects 2012 - Over 10 years experience in Film and Video Production and Direction. Most of Jeremy's experience is in short form commercials, bumpers, Music Videos and intro's for Film, Broadcast and Web. Motion Graphics and Visual Effects is where most of his time is spent. He worked for some of the biggest production companies in Action Sports and is currently working for Sherpas Cinema as Visual Effect Supervisor.

Jake Dyson

Social Media & Photographer

Jake Dyson, Social Media Manager & Photographer was the first Aussie to join the Sherpas tribe. After graduating as a Cinematographer from the International Film School in Sydney, Sherpas lured him to BC at the age of 19 to head up our growing social media presence and to photograph the action on our expeditions. Jake currently resides in Whistler, BC.

Steve Henderson


Steve Henderson joined the Sherpas team in early 2015 after spending a winter in the Rockies shooting for the Banff Centre. Previous to that he was working in Toronto as a freelance shooter/editor/assistant editor on everything from short films, television series, to corporate videos. Steve graduated from Ryerson University in 2012.

When he isn’t watching 240 fps ski bangers, Steve enjoys drinking protein shakes, climbing mountains, and being the largest Sherpa in the office. He is genuinely stoked to be a part of such a talented team.

William Binamé


William Binamé, editor at Sherpas Cinema, was born in Montreal, Quebec. With a keen interest in sports and a family deeply involved in the film production world, he put both passions together at a young age to start his path towards a career in filmmaking.

One week out west in his teens turned into a month the next year, then evolved into an entire summers between school and finally once out of Concordia University film school, he packed up and permanently moved to Whistler, BC.

Production Manager

Roland Eksteins, Production Manager, grew up in Toronto. He studied journalism & documentary film at King’s College in Halifax. He spent a year abroad after graduating, living and trekking in Nepal and traveling throughout Asia with his camera. Before being picked up by Sherpas Cinema, Roland worked in online media, television news and multiple different areas of film production. He now calls the Canadian Rockies home and is stoked to be combining his love of sports and nature with film.