Why sleep when you can ski?

Or, at the very least, film said activity. That’s what we’ve been up to for the last three weeks straight, under cover of night, in the streets of Calgary.

It’s the follow-up to the JP Auclair street segment from All.I.Can., so we’ve put a huge amount of pressure on ourselves to make it better than the original.


We don’t want to reveal too much, but here are a few pieces that will ultimately fit together into a tasty-looking puzzle:

– A cube van rammed with camera gear
– Location permits (huge thanks to the City of Calgary and Laszlo Uhrik at Alberta 411 Film Location Services)
– A Port-a-Potty to make those permits legit
– The tireless efforts of the street-savvy 403 Media Crew
– A long-haired lighting technician named Tim
– Sleep-deprived Sherpas
– 471 litres of coffee
– A Warthog ATV, mounted with a gyro stabilized camera arm
– An occasionally nervous but totally on-it JP Auclair
– Tom Wallisch. Cool, calm, and super patient
– Bringin’ out ”the Grinch,” a gas-powered beast that hauled the boys into their features
– Moody Albertan weather
– A double overhead, hand-sculpted kicker
– Non. Stop. F**king. Shoveling
– Snack platters for the crew
– A game of shinny hockey
– Calgarian hospitality

So yeah… let all those little nuggets swirl around in your imagination and hopefully, if we get it right, that’s what Into The Mind’s street segment is gonna look like.

Cool, eh?