We love you JP

In loving memory of JP Auclair

We would not know darkness if we did not have light. The sheer existence of things like darkness, dejection and despair are born in their relations to their opposites and relies solemnly on this state of relativity. This undeniable fact is something to cherish in hard times because it means that whenever there is darkness, there must also be light. When there is dejection, there must be hope. When there is loss, there must be something to be found. Otherwise there would be nothing, just undefined being in an undefined space.

When we feel that all is lost, the mere thought of someone can, and must, still serve as inspiration for greatness and lead us through our despair, into new chapters and onto new journeys. Keeping that in mind, you could say that it is JP himself that is inspiring us to create something in his memory.

From all the footage gathered over the years we spent with JP, we made this. A tribute edit that we hope will show you what an amazing skier, friend and human he was. We hope that it will bring light, hope and inspire future chapters. 


Further, in order to honour the memory of JP Auclair and to support his son Leo and partner Ingrid, the Sherpas are proud to announce that a massive part of the global action sports community has come together to try and give something back to JP’s family in return for everything that he gave to us.

An online auction to benefit the Auclair Fund  is launched and over the next few months many of the absolutely spectacular personalities in our community will contribute items that he or she is willing to ship out to the highest bidder. This is a once in a life time opportunity to own an amazing piece of art or memorabilia and at the same time show your support for JP’s family.

The first item out is a print from our own Dave Mossop – this photo displays Ama Dablam, a mountain in the Himalaya range of eastern Nepal. Dave took this photo during the production of Into the Mind and it is a very limited edition. Go to http://store.alpineinitiatives.org to place your bids on this and other items, new pieces will be added every week. Each item will be available for a very limited amount of time and more information is available at Alpine Initiative’s site.

100% of the proceedings to the Auclair Fund will go directly to Ingrid and Leo. If you are an athlete or a company and wish to contribute an item to the auction, please contact info@sherpascinema.com .




  • Rossco

    Nice work boys. Looking forward to the items and the tribute edit.

  • stngr17

    Way to rally around his family. Great job!

  • Erin

    True friendship!

  • Bruce Brodie

    Fantastic to see this! Will be bidding + donating 🙂
    Also can’t wait to see the edit!

  • Mike

    we love you JP

  • Simon C

    Superb work. Hats off. I look forward to contributing and rallying troops to compensate JP’s loved ones for the way he inspired my skiing and travel over the years. Hats off once again Sherpas Crew. Love your work. Stand proud peeps.


    Thank you so much for this 🙂

  • lorraine

    such a beautiful capture of the wonderful young man we knew as JP! He was wonderful inside as he was on skis. Thanks for sharing, I’ll try to help find something for the auction.

  • Phyllis Koenig

    I stumbled upon this site while researching a ski cinematographer – and am blown away. sounds like you had THE most amazing human being in your presence with a fantastic sense of humor and aesthetic. this tribute is simply glorious, as is your love for him. Thank you for sharing. phyllis@ubercontent.com – amazing amazing photographs and film of him skiing. it stopped my heart. best, phyllis