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Out of all the adventures, the greatest one is always to be able to add great humans to your inner circle. To be able to call a stranger a friend and a dude a bro. For that reason it brings us great excitement to announce that we are currently hiring for two different positions at Sherpas HQ in Whistler.

Of course there are some formal qualifications, but here are some key things that you should ask yourself before applying.  Do you for example happen to have an obsession with ravens? Would you prioritize a drum kit over a couch if you had to choose? Would you spend a night in the office on occasion for the greater good of the art? Do you by any chance grow an excellent beard? What’s your opinion on drinking and droning? Would you sleep for weeks outside even if it wasn’t even necessary? These are all important questions.


We are currently looking to fill two different positions. We are looking for full time editors and a full time post production supervisor. Neither of these two positions is your typical first time job, but if you have a few years experience in film and TV, we want to hear from you. As an editor, you are responsible for multiple forms of editing, from assembling raw footage to creating select reels, rough cuts, fine cuts and final edits.  You need to have solid experience in the Adobe Creative Suite, especially Premiere Pro and After Effects, a strong visual style and some epic attention to detail. If you have experience or interest in the action sports industry, that is a big plus. Sometimes you might have to come and hang out in the field but the position is mainly based out of our Whistler HQ.


To take on the role as Post Production Supervisor for Sherpas Cinema, we are asking for you to be a bit of a legend. This because you will manage the post production process for all of our productions. You will make sure that deadlines are met, that the budgets hold together, that our clients are happy campers and that all our footage is properly archived and stored. You need to have deep understanding of editing workflows and be very (we mean very) organized. Managing people and giving them constructive feedback on what they are doing is also a big part of this role.

The ideal candidate? A highly motivated and experienced editor with post production management experience who is looking for a creative environment and a lifestyle profession.

Heard enough and ready to join the team? Check out the full requirements at the following links and send your application to info@sherpascinema.com


Post Production Supervisor

  • Austin Kane

    Hey Sherpas team! Right now I’m a freshman in college, and really don’t have the qualifications for the positions. However I am really interested in learning about the editing and filming processes. I was wondering if you had any internship programs that might be available? Please let me know as i love both the full length films you have put out. They are spectacular. Thanks

  • Cassandra Westholm

    Hej there, look here! Take me! Will send you references/CV/details/whatever on request. xx cass

  • Peyton

    Im in college right now as well. Trying to figure my life out. My passion is skiing and thats really all I want to do in life. I go to Whistler every year to ski. My only experience in the field is actually skiing but if there is a place for me anywhere in the area that you know of, I would be more than grateful.

  • Brad Hall

    How about an accountant? Do you need a rad accountant?