To The Hills & Back

A new film from Sherpas Cinema.

At a remote backcountry cabin, a veteran mountain guide and his daughter connect and reflect upon a lifetime in the mountains. A torch is being passed within their family’s legacy of guides and they discuss the history of those that have come and gone, some too soon. Avalanche accidents have been happening in the mountains since humans first started traveling within them and we learn about this evolution of winter recreation and avalanche safety. Stories unfold, from the early pioneers to modern day hard charging enthusiasts, and we hear from several characters including those with life shattering events.

Many of these stories share striking similarities that those who follow can learn from. Unfortunate mistakes, common pitfalls, and decision points where things may have gone astray. Know about those who have succumbed to unfortunate endings. Learn from the wise who have journeyed a long life in these mountains. In a quest to avoid avalanche accidents in your life path, learn, and know before you go.

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Ogden, UT
Boulder, CO
Salt Lake City, UT
San Diego, CA
Encinitas, CA


A Sherpas Cinema Film
In Co-Production with the Utah Avalanche Center

Director: Mike Quigley
Producers: Gabriella Dufour-Léonard, Malcolm Sangster
Executive Producers: Trent Meisenheimer, Chad Bracklesberg, Mark Staples
Director of Photography: Danny Gariepy
Editors: Mike Quigley, Pat Hoffman, Seth Williams, Phil Forsey
Music by: Evan MacDonald
Starring: Bradford White, Ginny White, Adam Campbell, Katie Combaluzier, Kevin Hjertaas
Run Time: 45 minutes

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