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Avalanche danger and the risks associated with time spent in the mountains is a humbling reality for all snow sports enthusiasts. Unusual weather patterns around the world this winter have resulted in funky snow conditions, with the unfortunate news of skier related incidents filtering through our newsfeed in recent weeks. Persistent weak layers and instabilities in the snowpack are varying from one mountain range to another- but the dangers and risk associated with time spent in the mountains are something that we all need to be aware of no matter who we are or where we ski.

Our first feature film, The Fine Line, was created to educate youth on responsible backcountry usage and continues to be an industry leader in avalanche education. Recently we have jumped on board with a cross border avalanche awareness campaign called “Know the Snow”. The campaign is taking stride as a result of a partnership between US and Canada’s top avalanche safety organizations and is encouraging skiers and snowboarders to make a four minute edit that tells the story about how you and your crew get ready to safely explore the backcountry.


The contest is running from March 1-21 and there are tons of rad prizes to be won, including:

Winners will be announced at the end of March. Find out how you can enter the contest here:

Safety for our athletes and crew is always our primary concern and the processes that go on behind the scenes to ensure that we will all by high five-ing at the end of the day is not something we take lightly. Checking avalanche reports, weather and staying up to date on conditions, ensuring avalanche gear is in working order, group communication and constant terrain assessment are just a few of the steps we take on a daily basis when we are out filming in the backcountry.  Proper avalanche education and awareness is the first step to staying safe. If you are just getting into backcountry skiing or looking to improve your skills there are many avalanche education resources available through avalanche associations around the world. Check out the Canadian Avalanche Association and American Avalanche Association for courses and info near you.

Educate yourselves and remember the mountains aren’t going anywhere… Be patient and make choices that will ensure you get to ski another day!

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