Patrick Hoffman


Patrick Hoffman – aka Hoff Zimmerman – has etched a distinct signature on the cinematic canvas of Sherpas Cinema. His roots in the musical arts and African drumming permeates his cinematic work, giving him an intuitive sense of timing and flow that sets his editing and cinematography apart. Nurtured by a family ethos that valued life experiences over material possessions, Hoffman was gifted with a worldly perspective, learning from diverse cultures through their extensive travels. This upbringing served as the catalyst for his pursuit of documentary filmmaking.

With a work ethic that often turns the office couch into a temporary residence, Hoffman’s dedication to his craft is matched only by his love for his loyal companion, Stevie the dog. This duo, now a fundamental part of our team, has been pivotal in our filmmaking journey. His comprehensive involvement in our award-winning film “To the Hills & Back” showcases his cinematic versatility. His subsequent role in “La Liste” sparked wide recognition and an almost irresistible allure from the team at Red Bull Media House. Luckily we were able to steal him back from the Austrian alps. His rhythm has not just found harmony with Sherpas Cinema but has profoundly amplified our beat. We’re just so damn lucky for the cadence and creativity he brings to our ensemble.