Clay Mitchell

Cinematographer | Drone Operator

Clay Mitchell, was born and raised in Nelson B.C. and spent his whole life deep in the Kootenay mountains. Whether he was logging, skiing, climbing, fire fighting or biking, he saw cinematic images everywhere and his love for film was inspired by his surroundings.¬†Clay went to Selkirk College and graduated with his diploma in Independent Film in 2010. He has been creating Independent films his whole life, and has worked in many aspects of the film industry. Joining the Sherpas in 2016, he’s been able to live out his dream of working in the film industry full time, alongside a super talented group of people. Clays a big fan of throwing up roosters on the waterski, sledding, falling trees, 66 Valiants, over rotations, catching lunkers, sailing, surfing with the Seadawgs and old vintage Hondas.