Sculpted in Time | The Wise Man

We have chosen to name the first of our four short films about the people of Banff National Park “The Wise Man” because this is what Eddie Hunter really is to us. Shot on location at Mt. Norquay, this is the emotive story of Eddie’s personal connection with the Banff National Park and Mt. Norquay, a mountain he has called home his entire life.

Born in 1926, the same year Mt. Norquay was established, Eddie has been skiing Banff’s first ski resort for over 80 years. Eddie escorts the viewer through Norquay’s past and present, sharing the impact the mountains have had in his life and which he proudly passes onto his children.

Click image below to watch and let us know what kind of impact the mountains have had on you.

  • joana lemos

    I want to be like this when I reach 88…
    Great short.

  • Drew Cauthorn

    brilliant! thanks for making this. it gives me hope in old age!

  • D.J. Baber

    As a 55 year old snowboarder l meet very few snowboarders older than me on the mountain. Last year l met two fellows on the chairlift on Whister mountain aged 77 and 82. Those men were boarding black ravine runs in the back bowls. Their goal was 5,000 verticle feet by lunch time. They, like Eddie Hunter show me that age is not an excuse for stopping. Stay strong Eddie, keep on inspiring us young whippersnappers!

  • Claire

    Beautiful spot, Sherpas! Well done.

  • rainer

    very inspiring – I just received the message of JP`s and Liz`s dead – JP is one of my most respected and inspiring individuals, even, as I just snowboard. Life is a present, and I wish, I will master my own life in a way, to feel closely as satisfied, wise and healthy, as Eddie does..

  • Lisa Dawson

    Breathtaking photography capturing an amazing man! I showed this to Dad, Bob Dawson, whose face turned into a big grin when he saw Eddie – lots of memories skiing with Eddie and days building the first chair lift on Norquay. Big hellos to Eddie Hunter from Bob Dawson!

  • Bronniejames

    What a great film, inspiring, I was touched and moved, a journey to be a piano and be skiing at 88 how Grand , thankyou for sharing the story & film …….