Max Your Days

Imagine the summer day to end all summer days – a supercharged stretch of time where everything is too perfect and you have no choice but to get outside and take full advantage. This is what our latest collaboration with The North Face is all about.

The solstice represents that ideal day, officially ushering in the summer and offering the maximum amount of that sweet nectar called daylight. We chose to celebrate this ideal for our latest project and dreamt up an optimal day where not a minute would be wasted from dawn to dusk. ‘Max Your Days’ starts with a glimpse into an ordinary morning in the life of pro snowboarder and North Face Athlete David Carrier Porcheron, but quickly transitions into something entirely different when a Chevrolet Impala full of rowdy gapers pulls up to his house. Flash-forward through a blur of outdoor adventuring and you’re barbequing tofu hotdogs with a ukulele-playing Cedar Wright on the edge of a cliff above a churning river. Consider the day seized.

Honestly, the project was technically challenging – snowboarding, skateboarding, biking, kayaking, rock climbing, cliff jumping, wakeboarding and surfing were all woven into one surreal experience for our team. To capture the dynamic cameras movements we had in mind, we used a Red Dragon camera mounted on a Ronin system with an external monitor and remote focus-pulling device, filling in the blanks with GoPro POVs and a DJI Inspire 1 drone. All said and done, we’re pretty happy with the end result.

‘Max Your Days’ allowed us to revisit and showcase some of our favorite areas in British Columbia, on Vancouver Island and in the Sea-to- Sky Corridor. Specific locations include Whistler, the Ashlu River in Squamish Valley, Cheakamus Canyon and Nootka Island. That said, it’s the people that really made this production what it is.

We were blessed to work and spend time with so many exceptional local athletes from a variety of sports, and were reminded of just how wildly talented and creative British Columbians can be. Not to mention the other North Face athletes who came out – Tom Wallisch, Ian McIntosh, Cedar Wright, Alex Johnson and John Collinson all played awesome roles.

This project sums up why we got into filmmaking in the first place – we’re enamored with the outdoors and won’t stop exploring until we can’t walk.

How do you max your days?



Executive Producers: Landon Basset, Brandon Baker, Aimee Tetreault

Producers: Malcolm Sangster, Roland Eksteins, Steve Henderson

Director: Dave Mossop      

Cinematography: William Binamé, Jake Dyson, Leo Hoorn, Mason Mashon, Dave Mossop, Kyler Vos, Darcy Wittenberg   

Gimbal/Drone Operator: Jeff Patterson     

1st AD: Stu Andrews, Leighli Porcheron     

Aerial DOP: John Trapman  

Heli Pilot: Kelsey Wheeler

Post Production Supervisor: Tim Symes

Editors: William Binamé, Dave Mossop, Steve Henderson, Tim Symes

Sound Design:  Jeff Yellen, Steve Henderson, Tim Symes

Sound Mix:  Jeff Yellen

Visual Effects:  Jeremy Kenning  

Colorist: Eric Rosen

Music:  Artist – DVA, Album – Nipomo, Song – Mulatu  (REMIX by Jacob Yoffee)

Music Supervisor: Right Workshop & Brooke Wentz

Special thanks to Christian Bagg, Whistler 101.5 Whistler FM & Pique News Magazine


House Coat Guy:  David Carrier Porcheron (DCP)

Slingshot Dude:  Rory Bushfield  

Grape Holder:  Tom Wallisch

Gaper Stunts: Colin D. Watt, Mark Tremblay, Mark Abma, Chris Turpin, Jake Dyson, Patrick Hughes, Joe Schuster, Corey Vanular, Casey Dean, Tom Wallisch

Gapers:  Mirae Campbell, Jessica Soparlo, Jimmy “Cherry Red Impala”, Laporte, Lynsey Stephens, Steve Henderson, Vince Edmond, Trevor Armstrong, Mason Mashon, Antoine Truchon, Ollie Jones, Hailey Elise, Linsey Stevenson, Hannah Lister, Roland Eksteins and many more fine looking folks!  Huge Thanks!

Many thanks to Chris McLeod, Emily Wright and everyone at Whistler Blackcomb. Also, a big thanks to the folks at Canadian Wilderness Adventures: Gerogie Stuart, Gavin Williams & Nick Ryall.

SKATEBOARDING (Whistler Skate Park)

Skateboarders:  DCP, Simon Dunand, Mike Klinkhammer, Braedon Wheeler

RollerBlader:  Colin D. Watt

Skatepark HangerOuters:  Megan Pischke-Porcheron, Reef Porcheron, Leighli Porcheron, David Brocklebank, Kody Williams, Patrick Samson, Pascal Choquette, Connor Warnock, Davina Dubé, Trish Bromley, Trevor Armstrong, Chicken (the dog)


Mountain Bikers:  Remy Metailler, Trevwah Burke, Dylan Forbes, Matt Aldridge, Vince Edmond

Bike Pushers:  Ian MacIntosh, Trish Bromley & Micayla Gatto

KAYAKING (Cheakamus River)

Kayakers:  Liam Fournier, Sandy MacEwan

CLIMBING (Paradise Valley)

Falling Stunt: Phil Audet     

On-wall Climbers:  Alex Johnson, Elise Ebner, Phil Audet

BBQ Girl:  Heather Lightfoot    

Ukulele Man: Cedar Wright

Route Cleaning: Cedar Wright

Sandal-Tattoo Gainer Man:  Rory Bushfield

Gainer POV: Dave Mossop



In the Boat:  Jimmy Laporte, Jake Dyson, Stacey Paradine, Reef Porcheron, Leighli Porcheron, Megan Pischke-Porcheron, Rory Bushfield

Wake Surfing:  David Carrier Porcheron, Leighli Porcheron

SURFING (Nootka Island)

Plane Pilot: Rory Bushfield

Clarinet Butcher: David Carrier Porcheron (DCP)

Surfers:  Noah Cohen, Tamara Stephens, Laurens Besier, Jonny Collinson, DCP    

Underwater Cinematography:  Kyler Vos  

Location Manager:  Laurens Bessier    

Transportation:  Kyrstal Stel, Kaila Chidley, Josh Bradford & Malcolm Fletcher from Atleo River Air Services