Hokkaido Calling

Year: 2017 Videos

I wonder – is it possible to stand where no one has before?” – Sam Smoothy, Athlete

Made in collaboration with Audi, Hokkaido Calling follows big mountain skiers Sam Smoothy, Jeremie Heitz, and Dane Tudor on their search for deep powder, undiscovered paths, and the search for the less obvious on the island of Hokkaido, Japan.

The deepest snow I’ve ever experienced” – Leo Hoorn, Director/DP

The team spent two weeks driving around northern Japan from Sapporo to Niseko on a constant search for untracked powder and epic roadside lines. Racing against weather changes and rising temperature, the team was able to shred the best Hokkaido had to offer.  With the island of Hokkaido getting an annual snowfall of over 15 meters, they had no shortage of deep pow.

The Sherpas team on-location was comprised of Director/DOP Leo Hoorn, Camera Operator Tyler Hamlet, and Photographer Mason Mashon. The journey came together in a complex and highly creative edit led by Dave Mossop, Leo Hoorn and Tim Symes.

Huge thanks to Audi, Sam Smoothie Jeremie Heitz, Dane Tudor, and everyone involved in the making of this film – we hope you enjoy Hokkaido Calling!



A film by Sherpas Cinema

Athletes: Sam Smoothy, Jeremie Heitz & Dane Tudor

Director: Leo Hoorn

Director Of Photography: Leo Hoorn

Additional Cinematography: Tyler Hamlet

Post Production Supervisor: Tim Symes

Editors: Dave Mossop, Leo Hoorn & Tim Symes

Assistant Editors: Steve Henderson & William Biname

Graphics: Jeremy Kenning

Grade: Eric Rosen

Music Supervisor: The Rights Workshop

Original Score: Claudio Pelissero

Sound Mix/ Design: Jeffrey Yellen

Still Photography: Mason Mashon

Guide: Owain Bassett

Production Manager: Roland Eksteins

Producers: Malcolm Sangster & Dave Mossop

Executive Producer: Patrick Grimm

Consultant: Martin Winkler