JP Tribute

JP Auclair passed away in an avalanche in Argentina September 29, 2014.  He was one of the greatest humans ever created.  The incredible raw talent bestowed in him was matched by his tireless work ethic, his kind and endearing character, and his humble thankfulness for the gifts of life. He was a creative genius that had actualized his potential: as an athlete, as an artist, as a human being.
JP was an integral part of the Sherpas tribe, co-directing and staring in both All.I.Can. and Into the Mind.  JP had the unique ability to problem-solve our often hairbrained storytelling ideas, and sporadic production results, and morph them into something successful.  The Sherpas simply would not be where we are today without the kindness and visionary influence of JP Auclair, and we all owe a great debt of gratitude for the inspiring gifts JP left behind.  The world needs more people like you JP, you burned the brightest of all, and may we all take a page from your amazing life.
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