Into the Mind World Premiere | Whistler BC

Nerves of steel were tested last week in the Sherpas Whistler office with the anticipation of a multi-platform release of Into the Mind.  The reality that two years of heart, soul, blood and tears was about to be revealed in ten different cities around the world, and then offered to the world via the digital airwaves was sinking in.

The work on the film itself was done, but its life outside the walls of the Sherpa bubble was just beginning. The excitement of the launch was overwhelming, not to mention kicking things off with a sold out show in our home base of Whistler, BC.

Torrential rains didn’t stop the sixteen hundred people who gathered at the Whistler Conference Centre early Saturday evening to mingle with the films stars – athletes and live animals together.  Some of the pre-show festivities included an ice carving demonstration, live exhibits with local Whistler artists, Kris Kupskay and Vanessa Stark, North Face branded grilled cheese sandwiches and groovy tracks by DJ Chunky Chornz.

As 8:30pm approached a six foot Owl took the stage to introduce the Sherpas crew and athletes to the lively audience.  The Owl, suspiciously resembling Whistler’s enigmatic Feet Banks, then presented a local Squamish Lil’wat Nations representative- 18 year old Swo Wo, who captured the audiences attention brilliantly with his soulful voice in a performance of a traditional song entitled Snowbird.

Thanks to audio visual geniuses at Promosa, Into the Mind rolled and sounded flawlessly in the main ballroom’s massive space. As the final credits rolled, turn tables began spinning, tequila started flowing and an all night dance party with DJs Skii Tour and the Funkhunters ensued until the wee hours of the morning.

A massive thanks is due to all of the friends, family, athletes, sponsors, and fans who made it such an incredible evening.

Those who missed the show can check out our world tour schedule for the nearest premieres world wide on, download the film on  itunes or order it on our website.

Don’t forget to watch the new official trailer!



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