Into the Mind – It’s becoming

It’s been 24 hours since we have released our first offering of Into The Mind – the brand new film by Sherpas Cinema.  And what a day it was! 269,000 views and counting, an outpouring of shares, likes, and wonderful comments.  Thank-you all so much.

We trust you now get a fairly good idea of what the film is about.  Perhaps a little bit cryptic at this point, but that’s ok.  So maybe a little more concrete info plus some cool feedback thus far…  just to round out the experience.


“Wondering if Sherpas Cinema was going to be able to top “All.I.Can?” Judging by the trailer for their new film “Into the Mind” they’re going to be juuust fine.” – Powder Magazine

“This is absolutely majestic. Outstanding cinematography and editing. I have not been captured by any film that I have ever seen as much as this one. The teaser alone drew me in more than the latest blockbuster, Batman. The shot of the man was verging on creepy. I almost expected something sudden and frightening but still at the same time felt a warm feeling. The swinging of the object in his hand along with the rotating shots made him seem to control the world outside. All in all it was AMAZING!” Hunter Webb – Vimeo

Our journey has taken us from Alaska to Bolivia, all across Canada, Costa Rica, and even to the grand ranges of the Himalaya. We have some very ambitious ideas that keep us close to home for this production season, but a deep range Alaska trip, climbing in Montana, big mountain riding in Zermatt and more are on the books.

“What the hell did I just see – Amazing!” – Mike Dion – Vimeo

“Blown my mind yet again!” Paul Richardson – Vimeo

So we now set off into the deep dark of early winter in Canada, camera in hand, scripted segments to be cut down one by one. Into The Mind is set to release September 2013 starting with a Whistler World Premiere that you won’t want to miss. A gargantuan world tour will follow and DVD, Blu-Ray, iTunes, and many more digital platforms will ensure that you do in fact, venture Into The Mind.


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