Into the Mind | Powder TV- Behind The Scenes Inbounds Segment

We are all resort skiers at our very core. We learned on the rope tows and t-bars, pizza and french frying our way down the green runs. We have satiated our appetite for independence and freedom by bombing high speed groomers and finding our way to secret powder stashes in the trees.  We’ve face-planted and yard-saled.  We know the feeling of carving through fresh corduroy, the scent of french fries in the cafeteria,  the groan of the bull wheel turning, and the electric energy that buzzes through a crowd before a rope drops on a powder day….  Nothing will ever compare to the empowerment we felt the first day we could pick ourselves up from a fall or head out with our buddies to ski on our own.  Whether we find ourselves riding the chairlift with a stranger or best friend, comfort is found knowing that we all share a common passion for the wonderful feeling of sliding on snow.

The sense of community, friendships and carefree fun that we each tap into while skiing on our favourite ski resort is exactly what we hoped to capture in the Into the Mind In Bounds Segment shot at Whistler Blackcomb last year. Using social media and the local newspaper, the shoot was advertised and the invitation was extended to riders of all sorts to join in.  A cast of dedicated athletes, hoards of patient extras, a stacked team of frazzled filmmakers and a wicked support crew came together to put the vision into motion.

With locations scouted, shots composed and days carefully planned it was quickly brought to our attention that coordinating a large and diverse group of skiers and snowboarders for shooting a ski movie is no easy task. Attempting to herd the small army of creative and energetic people that showed up revealed itself as a challenging feat-  factor in weather, light, safety, heavy camera equipment and helicopters and it is enough to make the most composed directors head spin. Alas, through trial and error things came together. Systems for filming  and counting a mass of riders into a shot  evolved on the spot. Experienced skiers took the lead and mentored the young ones, undiscovered shredders emerged, pro riders threw down, five year olds showed us their stuff.


The momentum built and as plans  and weather changed time and time again, word about the shoot continued to spread and the cast multiplied.  Skiers came back with unwavering dedication to the mission and in a few fleeting instants the chaos organized itself into some or the most awe inspiring moments of our season. Over a hundred people skiing their hearts out down Spanky’s (One of Whistler/Blackcombs favourite big mountain shred zones). A giant group of kids hucking their meat on the Ladies First wind lip with pros riding down the alpine face overhead. A team of young freeriders helping pro skiers build up side hits on a cat track and marching up and down to hit them time and time again.  Julian Carr and Stan Rey setting records on Whistler’s iconic Air Jordan cliff with a group of local skiers and snowboarders riding their hearts out all around.

A Road of Trials, Heavily Orchestrated Moments, Organized Chaos- call it what you will- weeks went by, friendships developed and a family grew as we all clicked into our skis and did what we love to do day after day.  No matter what the result at the end of each day, the Into the Mind InBounds segment was ultimately about what brings skiers together, rather than what set them apart.

Huge thanks to everyone who participated in the shoot, Whistler Blackcomb and the awesome patrol and mountain safety team that made it all possible.

Check it out in the  Behind the Scenes episode of Inbounds Segment that just dropped Powder TV here..

Read Julian Carrs account of his Air Jordan Front Flip here.

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