Hope 4 Mike – Fundraiser

Fundraiser Auction for Mike Benedik

When Sherpas director Eric Crosland heard that long year friend of Sherpas Cinema and canadian action sports cinematographer Mike Bendedek was diagnosed with Cancer he immediately offered that the Sherpas will help out in any way they can.

Mike has a tumour in his sacrum which is rare, and it is uncertain at this time how it’s going to be managed. 

With help from our friends, athletes and partners we will raise money for Mike. Thank to JP Auclair, Chris Rubens and Salomon and Eric Hjorleifson and Arc’teryx.

The Sherpas will host a fundraiser premiere of Into The Mind and Stand the new film from b4apres Media on November 6th in Vernon, BC where we will present the cheque from this auction to Mike.
We will be showing two movies, with popcorn and snacks, and having a silent auction at the event, at the Vernon Rec Center from 6:30pm to 10:30pm, refreshments will be available and tickets are only $25!

We have three ebay auctions starting today and you can bid on following Into The Mind products. All proceeds of these auctions will go to 100% to the “Hope 4 Mike” fundraiser:

The ultimate collector’s item: Original skis from JP Auclair skied in Into The Mind:
1)  Original Armada AR7’s 181 cm skis from Into The Mind, skied by JP Auclair in his follow up urban segment with Tom Wallisch.
The skis come mounted with Salomon STH 16 bindings and are heavily used by the one and only JP Auclair.

If you are looking for the ultimate deep pow shred sticks and wanna feel even better about the purchase:
2) Brand new Salomon Rocker2 122 – 184cm signed by Into The Mind and Salomon athlete Chris Rubens!

If you need protection in the harshest conditions! Bid on this great package for the good cause:
3) Arc’teryx Certificate for a brand new 2014 Gore Tex jacket and a pair of 2014 Gore Tex pants donated by Into The Mind and Arc’teryx athlete Eric Hjorleifson and Arc’teryx.

We will take care of the ebay fee and the shipping costs.

Please share this article with your friends, your local ski shop or whoever wants to have JP skis on their wall, new skis or brand new outerwear.


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