Guilty Pleasures from within the Pain Cave

It’s happening again.

Just like it did with The Fine Line and All.I.Can. We’re dwelling almost exclusively in that otherworldly place known as the editing bay. Sure, we call it the pain cave. But without it we’re nothing.

It’s as much a mental location as it is a physical one.

Into the Mind is on the mind.

And it’s almost impossible to think of anything else.

We’re better at it now, almost like we’re parents rearing our third child. Broken in, slightly more dialed and hardened by the process, we keep on keepin’ on like Genghis Khan and his brother Don. But the line between sanity and its evil twin is thinner than we’d like to admit.

So we do our best to take respite in the little things that surround us every day.

Breakfast in the Sun – “The weather’s been unreal in Whistler lately,” seems to be a commonly uttered phrase by anyone who isn’t us. We’re more inclined to say things like “Nice computer tan, Dave.”

That being said, we like to sit in the sun and breakfast ourselves before retreating into the shadows of the office. Precious moments.

J.P. Auclair! – This little guy just showed up and immediately started pumping his amazingly good vibes into the workplace. He’s an integral part of the film’s directorial process and he sacrifices a lot to work alongside the rest of us in the cave. Thanks buds!

Foot Cycles – We all have our bikes stashed in the office, which allows us to mount up and feel the wind in our hair whenever workflow allows.

“The Editing Lap” winds through the hills behind the office and really pumps up our jam, allowing us to stare at our computer screens with renewed vigour and enthusiasm.

J.P. has been crushing us all, nailing the lap in a cool 22 minutes.
It’s perfect really, because he’s back at his desk that much quicker.

Artistic Side Projects (Healthy Alternatives) – Video Editing tip #17 from J.P. Auclair: “If you keep having to restart your machine because of serious errors, find a soothing activity to engage in for a few minutes at a time.” (Check out his latest side project in the photos above).

Guilting other Sherpas – Not only is calling out our co-workers fun, it’s good for productivity. Like when Sangster goes down to Vancouver for a “day full of meetings” and comes back with streaks of climbing chalk on his shorts.

Faceagram –
Oh yeah, that’s the nectar right there. Let’s just spend the whole day on our favourite websites and call it “social media.”

Creative Recreation – When you’re faced with a near-infinite workload, sometimes the only exercise you’ll get in a day happens within 50 feet of your desk. Activities include, but aren’t limited to: buildering, aggressive office dancing, and cock push-ups.

Dogs- These hairy beasts are really good about taking us out for the occasional walk.

Our Employees – Perhaps the guiltiest pleasure of all. There’s no way we could do what we do without a team who we trust. This shit ain’t easy and it takes a lot of sacrifice to be a Sherpa. Our crew constantly blows us away and we owe them the world for that.

Huge thanks to them, and an absolutely interplanetary thanks to all the ladies, families, friends, and dogs in our lives who we wish we were spending more time with right now.