Goal Zero | Powering the Sherpas

Exploring the world and telling stories in some of the most remote places on earth is one of the best parts of being an adventure documentary filmmaker according to Sherpas Director Dave Mossop. However capturing stories in wilderness environments does not come without facing a multitude of challenges. One of the biggest hurdles the Sherpas face is maintaining a reliable power supply to run the cameras and gear that are needed to get the job done.  NO matter what the project, an array electronic gear is needed and the success of each trip often lies in being able to power our tools no matter where we are. Fortunately with the support of partners like Goal Zero and their solar chargers we can rest assured that we will have ample power to capture moments in some of the least traveled places on the planet. 

Check out where we have gone with Goal Zero http://youtu.be/MRFEP5v3ZtM

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