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Sitting still is not one of our friend Eric Hjorleifson’s strongest suits- when he’s not travelling the world testing gear on the worlds raddest lines, he’s usually found slaying peaks in his backyard and tinkering away on some masterful invention in his workshop in Whistler, BC. Not much slows down in the summer…. between exploring some of the West Coast’s best trails on a bike,  making turns on nearby glaciers and working on winter product development for Arcteryx, Dynafit and 4frnt he’s a busy man.  We are always stoked to catch up with Hoji whenever we can, and by good fortune caught him in a flash to get an update on what he’s up to this summer. Ready, Set, Go!

What are you doing to keep yourself busy this summer?

Hoji: Working, biking & skiing.


[Summer Projects for Hoji range from working on artwork for 4FRNT ski graphics, building skis, testing Dynafit prototypes and Arcteryx gear in the Southern Hemisphere | photos Eric Hjorleison] 

What’s the best thing about spending summer in Whistler, BC?

Hoji: There’s unlimited biking within a 100km radius of Whistler, seriously a lifetime of trails! Plus summer access to glaciated terrain is a nice bonus.

Have you been on any cool summer adventures so far?

Hoji: Last week we went on a stag/biking trip to Leavenworth WA and managed to ski Mount Baker on the way home, it was excellent!


[Mt. Baker Summit, July 1 | photo: @tobinseagel ]

Awesome, Do you have plans to do more skiing this summer? 

Hoji: Chris Rubens and I are hosting a freeride touring camp with Andescross/local guide Jorge Kzolj based out of Bariloche Argentina. It runs August 23-30th and there are still some open spots… Anyone? It will be awesome with some resort/backcountry skiing and hopefully a hut to hut travers, conditions permitting. Check it out:

Sounds like a blast! What are you doing to stay in shape and get ready for skiing?
Hoji: Biking and skiing 😉

Of course… Any summer goals?

Hoji: Recover from winter, stay strong and get a bunch of work done on product development and start planning next season.

What’s coming up that you are most looking forward to right now?
Hoji: Argentina!

What’s your advice for making the most of summer?
Hoji: Barefoot walking is the key to happiness!

[ Big smiles at the trailhead for Mt. Baker | photo: Tobin Seagel @tobinseagel]

[cover photo courtesy of Tobin Seagel @tobinseagel]

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