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Bonfires, Beach time and BBQs- while the bounty of summer is something we dream about while freezing our fingers and toes off in the depths of winter- we do miss all of the time we get to spend with our winter crew of skiers and snowboarders in the warmer months.  Over the course of the next few months we will be checking in with some of our favorite winter friends and reporting on how they are killing time between ski seasons.

We caught up with Callum Pettit over the weekend during a quick pause between his summer adventures.

If you follow @killahcal on his instagram account, you probably know that he is one guy that has fully grasped the reigns of summer. He is based in Whistler but has been bouncing around since he put his ski boots away and slipped into his flip flops.  A self proclaimed “rambling man” he doesn’t have too many set plans and  says summer will take him wherever he goes. His favorite things about summer are the long days and all of the different things you can do. “I try stay as balanced as I can in the summer” says Callum.

By balanced he means packing his days full of biking, skateboarding, rock climbing, soccer, swimming, forming an oldies band and cruising on his new motorcycle (A 1978 Suzuki GS).  “There are so many things to do you never get tired of doing the same thing”.  After a winter chock full of travel he’s stoked to have time to just “enjoy being you”.This year he kicked things off with a surfing road trip down the coast of Mexico, he has been on the move ever since.


Growing up Callum and his brother Sean spent their summers going back east to work with their dad who runs a poutine stand called the Poutine Machine in Quebec. Fueled by fresh cut fries slathered in gravy and squeaky cheese curds  they would spend their time boating on the Ottawa river or hanging out at the family cottage on Macgregor Lake.

“It helped me develop a  appreciation for the water ” says Callum. (And an appreciation for quality french cuisine as you would imagine…. Callum says in his travels around the globe he has not found a poutine that compares to his old man’s.)


Always up for a new adventure, a few weeks ago Callum pioneered a “scuba” mission down Whistler’s popular canoe and raft route the River of Golden Dreams. Clad in a full wetsuit, booties, scuba mask, flippers and with his surfboard in hand, he and a few friends braved the icy waters and went hunting for treasure. Callum was proud to report he found: ladies prescription glasses, golf balls, cider, paddles and a mickey of fireball.  “Just doing what we can to clean up the area you know..”


He plans to get up on to Blackcomb glacier for a few ski days when the weather is nice. “I am always stoked when winter comes around, but I am definitely not thinking about it all the time. Summer has so much to offer too. I really like to live in the moment and make the best of it”. He and Sean (Pettit) plan to go to South America in August to gets some turns in.

In the meantime he is doing as many fun things as possible to stay in shape and be ready to go for ski season. “I actually feel the strongest I have in a long time” says Cal “So I must be doing something right”.

Callum’s advice for making the most of summer?

“Get out there kids and just giver heck.”

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