Bolivia – Sand, salt, and snow

The Sherpas have had two teams abroad as of late. While Sherpas director Dave Mossop is currently in Nepal (story coming soon), co-director Eric Crosland recently returned from his South American trip to Bolivia.

Crosland journeyed to La Paz, Bolivia in early September accompanied by The North Face athletes Kris Erickson, Johnny Collinson, and Callum Pettit. Kye Petersen also joined this ski mountaineering expedition to stretch his legs and lungs in the high ranges of South America.

Skiing and filming at elevations of 6,000 meters, Crosland was quoted as saying, “This was one of the most physically demanding trips of my life.” But amongst the headaches and hardships, the team successfully climbed, filmed, and skied some of the highest peaks in the area.

Thanks to Anjin Herndon for filming and taking some of the pics you see here and also thanks to Juan from Azimut Explorer for providing logistical support.

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