Sherpas Cinema is a boutique full service production house based in Whistler, BC, Canada. Creativity and originality meets award-winning experience. Cutting edge filmmaking techniques, inventive animation and graphic design, intimate character development and audio design are coupled with years of multifaceted mountain experience and savvy. Sherpas Cinema films have been heralded as the best of their kind and have toured the globe with worldwide accolade winning numerous awards. Some of our areas of specialty are:




We offer a full service scalable production unit producing extremely high quality content both in small crews and large commercial sets. Our team can comfortably carry you through everything from concepting to final distribution.

Aerial Cinematography

With over a decade of aerial experience Sherpas Cinema provides state of the art stabilized HD-8K aerial footage using Shotover, Cineflex, Drone, and Eclipse systems. From insurance, permitting, operators, aerial directors, technicians, pilots, communications, ground crew, cast, to choreography we have you covered.

Specialty Cinematography

We are fascinated by how cameras can show us reality that our eyes cannot detect. We specialize in time-lapse and ultra slow motion, but also hyper-micro and macro cinematography. Watch the seasons change through summer fall and winter, behold microscopic beads of wax bouncing off a ski, or marvel at the intricate architecture of a 2mm across snowflake seen full screen. Modern technology is constantly opening more doors into this magnificent realm, and we take great pride in constantly staying at the cutting edge.


Sherpas Cinema offers the full Photographic service. From high-end car commercials to remote expeditions. We are completely adaptable to your needs.

Virtual Reality

Sherpas Cinema is continuing the tradition of world-class storytelling in emerging mediums. We now produce 8K 3D VR/360° content for high-end cinematic, commercial, and interactive virtual reality experiences alongside a comprehensive post-production workflow.

Post Production Services

Our state of the post-house is located in beautiful Whistler, BC. From ingestion, housing, workflow, scoring, sound design, grading, mastering, to archiving our full time professional edit staff can take your story to the next level.

Visual FX and Motion Graphics

Our in house staff and close knit network of experts can work through any graphic and VFX needs from compositing, rotoscoping, 2D and 3D motion graphics and animation, fluid FX and particles - no job is too complex for our team.

Mountain Savvy

A lifetime spent skiing, climbing, biking and traveling through the mountains has gained our team a very intimate knowledge and respect for the high country. With over 200 days per year spent filming in mountains around the globe, we have completely ironed out the unique logistical parameters that are involved with this type of production. From conceptual commercial spots to Himalayan expeditions we are the team for the job.

Stock Footage

Stock footage is available on request.


Amplify the voice of nature.

Extend the current limits of cinematic quality, creativity and craftsmanship.

Inspire individuals to go outdoors and greater respect our planet.

Realize potential, innovate and extend the imagination.

Create cinema that changes the World.

“Do more, not less” – JP Auclair


[FlyOver America] was the most beautiful thing I have ever experienced in my life, it made me and my friends cry it was so amazing.

- Lisa Grimes, guest comment posted to TripAdvisor

Our brand showcases big-hearted mavericks – I had the honor of working with them!

- Nancy Cherniwchan, Travel Alberta Brand Manager, AB.

With the release of 2011’s All.I.Can. and the 2013 followup, Into the Mind, the Sherpas redefined what is possible.

- Mike Berard, Coast Mountain Culture Magazine, Summer 2016

The complexity was not your take-away. It became invisible. We were transported into that little boy’s world, and his imagination.

- Cannes Lions Film Craft Jury president Diane McArter (in reference to "Imagination: Tom Wallisch" - winner of Silver Cannes Lion 2018)

Watching All.I.Can was like listening to a Zeppelin song.

- John Stifter, POWDER Magazine.

We thank you for all of your tremendous work on the Truck Month production.  You were a joy to work with; very collaborative, and extremely smart and efficient with your ideas and shots.

- Kevin Hock, Senior Producer, DONOR Marketing Agency, Detroit // Regarding 4 simultaneously shot RAM Truck Commercials.

I’ve been to many IMAX and 4D attractions around the world but [FlyOver Canada] is without doubt the most awe inspiring I’ve ever seen.

- Sean M, guest comment posted to TripAdvisor

The only difference between Sherpas and SEALS is what kind of weapons they carry.

- Creative Director Jimmy Bonner for the RAM account at The Richards Group, Dallas TX

These guys continued to over-deliver for us on Jeep and problem solved their way around just about any weather condition that was thrown at us

- Nathan Monteith, Executive Creative Director for the Jeep account at DDB Chicago, IL